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i OS apps exist in millions out there, and most of them communicate with servers to exchange data.

In their majority, the server implements and provides RESTful APIs that apps can use for the communication.

If you believe you received this message in error please contact us at [email protected] app in question is Makayama’s Newspaper, an aggregator that compiles international newspapers into a single feed. One of the newspapers being funneled into the app was popular U. daily , but also told the developers that they could resubmit the app once i Phone 3.0 is allowed–presumably because the new OS would have improved parental control features that would allow some users to view adult content.Apple has become increasingly lax lately about apps that feature bikini-clad models and other sub-pornographic fare.Apple isn’t usually very elaborate when it comes to App Store rejections.But according to Gigaom, one developer was recently led to believe that while Apple wouldn’t approve his overly-risque app right now, it might allow the app once i Phone 3.0 was made publicly available.

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