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“The Dragon Lord Tiamat is dead, but not all of her evil plots died with her.

Beritra, the Dragon Lord who betrayed Tiamat, has gained control of her dark secret- one that could unlock a weapon of immense magnitude and return the upper hand to the Balaur!

The Atreian Atlas is a guide that helps a new Daeva on his or her journey through Atreia.

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The movement has many different scopes; local groups often have different focuses, but among the movement's prime concerns are how large corporations (and the global financial system) control the world in a way that disproportionately benefits a minority, undermines democracy, and is unstable.

Once you create a character of a specific race on a particular server, you cannot create characters of the opposing race on that server.

If you create a character on a different server, it can be of the opposing race.) You can receive a reward from completing a particular Atreian Atlas mission only once per character.

Although most active in the United States, by October 2012 there had been Occupy protests and occupations in dozens of other countries across every continent except Antarctica.

For its first month, overt police repression was minimal, but this began to change by 25 October 2011 when police first attempted to forcibly remove Occupy Oakland. the 2009 University of California occupations, as well as the overall global wave of anti-austerity protests.

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