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One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Underwhelmed by BBC1's Lady Chatterley's Lover. Preferred Sean Bean's Mellors", while another added: "I watched Lady Chatterley's Lover and all I can say is? He added: "It doesn't excite me as a writer to write some swearing or sex scenes because they don't have any emotional content.

What makes an audience watch something and care about the characters is the emotional life of the characters".

She meets with Mellors in the cabin during a rainstorm, and they discuss running away to the British colonies.While the earlier effort is famous for its coarse language, graphic sex scenes and full-frontal nudity, the newer version toned down the raunchiness - much to the disappointment of fans.And although rising star Madden, 29, who played Prince Charming in the recent Cinderella film, impressed viewers with his topless scenes, he was seen as a mere pretender to Bean's gruff groundskeeper Mellors, a role that made the actor a rough and ready heartthrob. " The novel was banned for decades because of its graphic scenes, but Jed Mercurio, who wrote the latest adaptation, said it was a deliberate decision to move in a different direction. The text is spattered with four-letter words and, for middle-class readers who obtained smuggled copies in brown paper covers during the Thirties, it was the first time many had seen these Anglo-Saxon profanities in print. Lawrence’s infamous 1928 book, banned for more than 30 years, that has a smidgin of relevance today.

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