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In feeding his passion for swimming, he has developed Your Swim Book, a powerful log book and goal setting guide made specifically for swimmers.

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Heading into her fourth Olympic cycle and coming off a frustrating performance in the London Games, she needed something different and dramatic.

After working with Cal women’s swimming coach Teri Mc Keever for 12 years — a partnership that yielded 12 Olympic medals for Coughlin — the Bears alum moved to the south side of Spieker Pool to train with Cal men’s coach Dave Durden.

It’s no wonder the Olympic Committee provides them with 150,000 condoms during the event.

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More to the video (nytimes talk) i saw, he said he was living in a mansion with 7 people, all were training for the olympics, i think 2 of them were female...c'mon, just look at the pictures, is that what a straight man would wear?[quote]“I live with two girls, my housemates, and for the longest time I was like, ‘Dude, I’m training for the Olympics and the Olympic trials. But if they're just sitting there, I can't not eat them.’"I went to Berkeley with him and he is not gay.He is a very humble, smart, hard-working guy who got a 4.0 in a science major and spends most of his time swimming.Here are 8 other random little factoids that you may or may not have known about the humble Nathan Adrian– 1. On December 23 he had the honor to raise the 12 man flag at a Seahawks home game. His middle name is Ghar-jun He represents the multi-cultural honey-pot we live in, his mom Cecilia being Chinese (she is originally from Hong Kong). (Sort of.) His 100m free split at the most recent FINA World Champs in the medley relay was the fastest split in the non-supersuit era in 46.69. In an interview done with Outside Magazine, Adrian explained that his perfect day would be surrounded by his family and friends, playing on the water during the day, and then skiing at night in Lake Tahoe. The tests ultimately showed that the swimmer’s speed is more influenced by stroke speed than the type and quality of water they are swimming through. He has a street named after him in his hometown of Bremerton, Washington. As reported in the Outside interview, Adrian states that if he could meet one person that it would be Richard Branson, as Adrian likes his “thirst for adventure and his candid nature.” 8.This is reflected in the Art of the Cap campaign as well, with the ’08 on his cap a nod to his Beijing Olympics experience as well as his background. The swim ultimately turned out to be for naught, as the US team were disqualified as the result of an early take-over between Matt Grevers and Kevin Cordes. Sumac Street in Bremerton was renamed as “Nathan Adrian Drive” in the weeks after the London Olympics. The Berkeley Dreamboat Crashed Swim by Ripping His Suit.

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