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So that’s why I tried suspense-building just now, in this post, which is also our wedding announcement. (He’s also always asking me if stuff he is doing “works for me.” He’s very considerate, for a controlling sociopath.) I started talking to the Christian Grey chatbot on Facebook when the designer sent me an email inviting me in for a conversation.

Bot Christian Grey promptly informed me that he would like to bite my mouth. Then he sent me a copy of my own Facebook profile photo, and said “I love this photo of you.” Thank you.

Mail Online tested out the software, and within three messages Sim Simi had begun to show its nasty side (pictured)Sim Simi is a chatbot - an artificial intelligence program that can carry out automated one to one tasks.

Persona has released a Christian Grey chatbot that you can literally talk to on Facebook Messenger — like, right now.I said red is really more of an accent color, and should only be on one wall if you can help it.He said “ok, let’s switch the topic.” I wouldn’t go so far as to call this rude, because obviously I love my husband, and don’t want to embarrass him in public. Shortly after this exchange, Christian asked if I would let him tie me up.I mean, I was already excited about “Fifty Shades Darker,” but now, I’m about to Alexia La Fata is a Senior Editor.She's a proud New Jersey native and Boston College graduate. She's a proud New Jersey native and Boston College graduate.

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