Is jonas armstrong dating sammy winward

He described his portrayal of robin hood as "A believable superhero...Like other leaders, he's an egoist and often quite arrogant.“He’s starting to feel it isn’t enough and gets insecure, and asks if he can move in with her. But she really likes him, so she cooks him dinner, saying, ‘Hopefully, it’ll prove to you I’m really keen,’” continues Sammy. How long for is anybody’s guess but Katie takes relationships in her stride – she’s been through a fair few blokes in her years in Emmerdale.Asked who her best friends are on the Emmerdale set, she reels off a list of her fellow actresses, but the most important girl in Sammy’s life is Mia, her eight-year-old daughter by footballer David Dunn.William is the elder brother to his two other younger siblings, a brother and a sister. Jonas Armstrong debut his career appearing in Quatermaine’s Terms at the Royal Theatre in Northampton in the role of Derek Meadle after been graduated.In 2004, he played as Henry in the Theatrical show Akin of Our Teeth.Jonas is known on the English television for his role as Robin in the drama series Robin Hood.

She seduced him to get at horrible husband Declan (Jason Merrells) and he manoeuvred her into bed to win a bet.

“She’s just come out of a big, serious relationship with Declan, where lots of bad stuff happened and is keen to keep it nice and light,” explains Sammy, 28, who’s played Katie for 12 years.“Katie had a difficult 2013, so I think Adam’s the perfect guy to help her get over it – he’s young and good-looking and they both like to have fun,” she says.

But Katie soon discovers that ‘nice and light’ isn’t what Adam has in mind.

His first achievement was for the television role Robin of Locksley which was based on robin hood in BBC series 2006.

In robin hood TV series he looked much younger than many of the previous actors.

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