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"No one has to actually say anything to the point of, 'You don't belong here,' but you certainly feel it." She advises that women planning to attend such events should take advantage of the mentoring programs that some of them offer, or "use the buddy system.If you can't line up a mentor beforehand, invite someone to go with you, because it's much less intimidating." It would also be helpful, said another guest, if tech companies did not support a culture that resembles college life.In situations where students exhibit threatening behavior, parents should be notified immediately after the safety of students and faculty members has been assured.School personnel, parents, and other concerned citizens have the responsibility to seek assistance for troubled youth from appropriate agencies, such as child and family services and community mental health agencies.Substantially disrupts healthy student behavior and thereby academic achievement.Research indicates that healthy student behavior results in increased student academic achievement.Most people would not deliberately seek to cause upset or distress.

Physical aggression, destruction of property, rage, detailed threats of lethal behavior, possession of firearms and other weapons, or self-injurious behaviors or threats of suicide are each sufficient cause for immediate action.School boards should also have policies in place which set forth a comprehensive violence prevention and response plan.The effect that toxic people can have on you is very real and very destructive. The advice above is important, but in the end, with a toxic person, you simply have to walk away."Right now we have a problem, where 56 percent of the women in tech leave within 10 years. Empathy is the key to changing this issue." Women programmers can feel especially isolated at professional conferences, the women said."When you're the only person who looks like you, it can feel kind of awkward," said Adria Richards, who lost her job at a tech company after making public her complaints about the behavior of rude men at a tech conference.

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