Updating cakephp

Also, your data array has to have the name of the model you want to save.

So: should only contain the name of the field, not the name of the model and field.

I recently finished upgrading this site to Cake PHP 3.0.0-dev from 2.5.5.

It has a mere 12 tables, and ~5000 lines of code including , and uses 3 plugins.Do not think of them as a perfectly adjusted worklist (also don't mind the order). It is more a small guide to get the basics straight.It can also apply a lot of additional sugar and enforce coding standards etc. Execute the following from within the folder where your file is located: in your app/Config bootstrap to make sure this plugin is loaded.You can now use the commands to apply each of the various changes that need to be made.I would recommend the following process for using the upgrade tool: option to preview what will happen.

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