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And as the show begins its season tonight—with a thirteenth and fourteenth already in the works—Philly's finest are showing no signs of stopping.It's time we better appreciate a show that's been this good since day one, so we put together a ranking of every episode it has ever aired—all 124 of them.

[reading] "Frank, if your fat monkey heart is still beating, then congratulations. Lawyer: Okay, uh, Frank, I have something here I need to read to you from Barbara. I mean shit if you want it to be a bicep it needs more veins. One of them died on my doorstep, and it sorta put me in a funk. (The Gang is taken aback, but the Waitress is incredibly smug.)Corporate Guy: Well, then, clearly you're an idiot, because these people are psychopaths. They left me in a world of darkness without your sexy hands, and I miss you, Night Man, so bad... Dynamics and when you add in the tips they get for making good recommendations they are the only ones i’ve.Such a statement, especially when no other such promises were required on a daily look has left me happy.

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