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Attraction doesn’t only happen in a relationship or courtship between a couple, it can happen between friends as well.Whether we are talking about heterosexual couples or gay couples, the premise of friends with benefits is the same.We would both try to stay away from each other but we attend the same university and see each other every day so that was really hard to do.I feel horrible because I don’t want to get between him and his friend (my ex) and he feels guilty about it.But after that happens a few more times, you’re going to need to be adults and lay out what’s what. It’s a consistent reminder for both parties that you’re still friends.If you stop talking about your sex & dating life, things are going to get weird.

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A couple of months after my break up the sexual tension between us became overwhelming and things started happening.

While it is true that friendship has laid the groundwork for some amazingly long-lived romances, it has to be noted that sometimes friends of opposite sexes are just friends for a reason. And if he gets what he wants (sex), and you don’t get what you want (a relationship), who really benefits? Is your opposite sex friend the person that you go to for comfort when things don’t work out in your romantic relationship? Not only will you have boyfriend/girlfriend problems, you’ve also lost your confidant. If he/she is the opposite of everything you’re looking for in a mate, why even try?

There are some factors that one might consider before making the transition from friends to lovers. If only one of you benefits, then the correct term is “one friend with benefits and one without”.

Read About: The Advantages of dating your best friend Sometimes a couple break up, but decide to keep living in the same house because they both own said house.

Even though they may want to split and lead separate lives, sometimes they just cannot seem to let go.

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