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Psalm 16 says, “At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore! Sex, with all its emotional and physical components of pleasure, came from the mind of God.It was not something man invented in opposition to God’s plan.Pitching sex appeal has made Axe a major force in young men's body sprays, deodorants and soaps. At million in the period, body sprays are Axe's best sellers, but sales grew just 2%.Axe's other products grew faster — liquid soaps, for example, grew 36% to million.Sex therapists, counselors who are trained to help people work through any sex-related issues, may be a good choice for individuals who have questions or concerns about their sexuality or sexual activity.With the help of a sex therapist, many individuals are able to enhance or restore their enjoyment of physical intimacy.There are as many individual expressions of sexuality as there are individual preferences for dress or music.Some people may experience confusion or distress regarding some aspects of their sexual behavior or desired sexual behavior and seek help from a licensed mental health professional.

Further, although an individual’s sexuality may be influenced by their gender, orientation, and identity, these are distinct concepts.

Consider the following seven truths about God’s great gift of sex. God made us male and female–the crowning masterpieces of his creation The good news about God’s gift of sex and sexuality begins with God the almighty, all wise and all loving Creator.

Sexuality refers to a person’s habits and preferences in terms of sexual behavior and desire.

Of the states that do not currently have sexual education laws on the books, sexual education policies can typical be found in district codes or other education department manuals.

Still other states allow local authorities to decide whether parents may opt-out or provide consent for a child's participation in sex education classes.

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