Who is asafa powell dating 2016

Speaking of calendar, have you seen Asafa's 2016 calendar? Be sure to check out the video on the STAR's website or You Tube channel. Are you strict or does your daughter have you wrapped around her little fingers? Renee: Are you single, dating or in a relationship? And another thing, she haffi caan hang around with me and my friends. I spy a whole heap a ladies doing some serious introspection (laughs).

We caught up with Asafa to touch his chest oops umm we meant speak to him about the project and more.

He popped the big question to Canadian model girlfriend Alyshia Akua Miller.

Miller was born in Canada to a Ghanian mother and Canadian father and was featured in a 2016 issue of the Essence Magazine.

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Powell was once the world’s fastest man and has the most sub 10 second clocking of any 100 meter sprinter.

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