Updating columns with the rowguidcol property is not allowed mt erica hotel speed dating

Especially since I tend to make heavy use of scripts to both create and tear-down my publications—as that’s a much more scalable approach from an administrative perspective.And, frankly, this also ends up making much more sense from an HA/continuity perspective anyhow.

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Because when you completely remove or destroy a publication—all of that magical rowguid ‘goodness’ comes off. Consequently, since some publications (especially those with lots of older code/sprocs) need to be created multiple times before they’ll actually initialized correctly, I find that paying the ‘price’ of adding a rowguidcol 1x (in preemptive fashion) is a much better approach.[ FILESTREAM ] [ COLLATE collation_name ] [ NULL | NOT NULL ] [ [ CONSTRAINT constraint_name ] DEFAULT constant_expression [ WITH VALUES ] | IDENTITY [ ( seed , increment ) ] [ NOT FOR REPLICATION ] ] [ ROWGUIDCOL ] [ SPARSE ] [ ENCRYPTED WITH ( COLUMN_ENCRYPTION_KEY = key_name , ENCRYPTION_TYPE = , ALGORITHM = ' AEAD_AES_256_CBC_HMAC_SHA_256' ) ] [ MASKED WITH ( FUNCTION = ' mask_function ') ] [ Is the scale for the specified data type.For more information about valid scale values, see Precision, Scale, and Length (Transact-SQL).And, of course, the problem with this operation is that it’s a size-of-data operation—meaning that the larger your table is, the longer this will take (and the more log-space it will require).Consequently, when you go ahead and ‘rowguidcol’ a large number of tables in a larger database, you can spend a lot of time waiting around for SQL Server to go to each row in those columns and plunk in a new column and value—while everything is being logged (so that, just in case the operation fails, SQL Server is able to gracefully recover without losing data—something that most of us find very helpful even if it does mean that these kinds of operations take longer).

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