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Once a winner is officially decided, black eyes and wounded egos are quickly mended as everyone piles into the pubs.

Because they may take our Ba, but they’ll never take…OUR FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!! The Farrapada, Laza, Spain – February - Day Before Fat Tuesday In the small community of Laza, Spain, people fling mud and ants to celebrating the global party of Carnival.

“Montana”/“You’re Having My Baby” (season 3, episodes 1-2, originally aired June 22 and June 29, 1994) “C’mon, Larry, I knew you wouldn’t be happy here. You’re like one of those goddamn creatures out of Greek mythology: half-man, half-desk.” Welcome back, Artie.

And Thailand’s Monkey Buffet Festival sounded amazing until we realized it’s actually a buffet for monkeys, not Sort of like capture the flag on steroids, or maybe football with fewer rules, or maybe a city-wide riot with more rules, The Ba is a historic sporting event that’s been taking place in the tiny town of Kirkwall since the 17th Century.

The first female presidential candidate for a major US political party has heard it all.

And, regardless of your political leanings, it’s clear there’s a different set of rules when a woman runs for office.

Clinton is no stranger to sexism; she, like most women, has been dealing with it her entire life.

However, unlike most women, she is running for president — and a woman’s presence in the political circus is threatening.

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