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Color: Black.­­­ Recruit Crossbow Package includes: crossbow, premium red-dot scope, three-arrow quiver, three Headhunter bolts. Along the way, he uncovers clues concerning ancient civilizations, evolution, and biblical history that are startling, yet provide answers to many of the riddles of human evolution.“The cooperation between the local, state and federal law enforcement agencies involved in this case was instrumental to quickly identifying this individual and resolving any potential threat to the public,” said Charles Spencer, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Jacksonville Division.A Florida sex offender went to a restaurant on Valentine's Day and pored over his plot to plant bombs in Target stores up and down the East Coast, according to federal agents.An Ocala man made at least 10 explosive devices in hopes of blowing up Targets along the East Coast in an elaborate and deadly scheme to buy cheap stocks of the company, according to the U. He paid a man ,000 to place the bombs on shelves, the complaint said. 9, Barnett gave the man at least 10 explosives, a bag of gloves, a mask and a license-plate cover, which would be used to cover up the man’s identity, prosecutors said. Mark Charles Barnett, 48, was charged with possession or a possession of a destructive device affecting commerce by a previously convicted felon. Barnett concocted a plan to place explosives disguised as food items in Target stores along the East Coast from Florida to New York, thinking the plot would cause stock prices for the retail-store giant to plummet and he could buy cheap shares of the company before they rebound, a federal complaint alleges.

The co-worker is on probation for burglary, the agent said.

Agents also found bomb-making materials in Barnett’s home, records show.

Barnett is being held in the Marion County Jail for nine parole violations.

Mark Charles Barnett had stashed 10 bombs in boxes of pasta, breakfast bars and stuffing, federal agents said in court papers.

He wanted a co-worker to place the bombs in the Target stores, starting with one in Syracuse, New York, agents said in court papers.

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