Dating jewish american

I'm knowledgeable on the subject and I can appreciate a solid Jewish man when I meet him (Why do you think I'm out for Anne Hathaway's blood all the time? But above all, Jewish men happen to make excellent boyfriends and even better husbands.Perhaps due to their borderline questionable attachment to their invasive Jewish mothers (no judgment: I have one and will become one), they understand and value treating a lady right, especially someone they love.Here are the reasons why JAPs (Jewish American Princesses) are the perfect girls to wife up: There really is nothing better than some matzah ball soup on a cold day, and coming from a line of Jewish mothers and grandmothers basically ensures that these girls know how to make the basics from scratch.If the way to a man’s heart is really through his stomach, then some schnitzel, gefilte fish and homecooked brisket should do the trick.This month, we’ve decided to use this data to launch a series of posts busting common dating myths.First up: Do Jewish Men Really Have a Thing for Asian Women?

Marrying a Jewish guy is like winning the lucky sperm lottery, and it pays off in the form of devotion and hard-to-pronounce last names daily.Of course, the topic of racial preference in relationships has been looked at before, famously by OKCupid as well as the New York Time’s Tierny Lab.However, we at CMB feel uniquely suited to test this specific hypothesis because of our –how shall we put it– enormously overly-representative Jewish & Asian membership.Getting the mere “suggestion” from mother dearest to pluck eyebrows or somehow tame wild hair has left behind some moderate anxiety about looks.In short, we know how to clean up nicely — especially if we know potential Jew-boos will be within a 10-mile radius.

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