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And the follow-everyone strategy hasn’t raised his Twitter profile as much as he might have hoped.Many people think that the lower the ratio of people you follow to people who follow you, the cooler you are. After the entertainer’s devastating 2013 split from Idina Menzel, you probably thought the worst was behind you, that you were at least immune from having your heart broken by the man again.But no: He’s about to unfollow you on Twitter, if he hasn’t already. PHOTOS: Big celeb splits in 2014 "I'm open to it.I just don't have a lot of time," Menzel, 43, told the mag's December/January issue, for which she is the cover star. It’s a completely non-sexual thing.” Despite that, Van Arsdale said she let Diggs kiss her, and things got kinky.

Diggs himself, it turns out, is actually a kind of a technophobe who says “social network” when he probably means social media.Speaking about her life as a newly single mother, Menzel told she sometimes struggles to find a balance between career and family.PHOTOS: Stars on Broadway "The guilt is the thing that we as women all feel, whether we stay at home or we work," she admitted.He even unfollowed actual (sort of) famous person Leslie Grossman. Is this former social media slut embracing minimalism?(WSVN) - They need to catch their breath and shower up ? And the always sexy Taye Diggs took time to tell Deco what's getting ready to go down.

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