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It’s been my most used amp ever since and is still completely original, including the valves. Since then, I tore it down and had local amp tech give it a good “once over”. The speaker was cracked, he replaced it with a nice VOR, (voice of rock) 8″ replacement speaker from the guy at Midwest Speaker. “Just wanted to share a few photos of my recent acquisition 100% Original (tubes too. Bowie“She’s a little beat, but she sounds like a million! That white debris in input #2 is where a bug lived in it. “Hello, here some nice Pictures of my ’78 Vibro Champ with a autograph of Robert Cray. I also included a pic of the one visible tube showing the original Fender logo.Someone garaged her for way too many years .” -Chris F.“The tube map/sticker. I suspect all tubes are original to the unit, or at the very least I’ve never altered or modified anything on the amp.


Seymour Duncan Custom Shop '78 EVH F Spaced Trembucker.

Although not a licensed signature model, this is the pickup that Seymour built for EVH back in 1978 and is the model you should think of when youre looking for the Brown Sound.

“Hey, I love the website and noticed a lack of circuit board shots on the site.

I have a 1967 blackface vibro champ that appears to be all original except for one cap that doesn’t match.

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