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The webcam has been a great success and has even been seen on both local, national, and international news channels!

Since installing the "Sea Front" webcam (see About for more info), Electro Cam - the specialists behind the webcam, have installed other cameras in various places.

Multi-attach base Extremely versatile, attach this webcam to almost anything - notebook computers, desktop monitors, LCD displays.

Or let it rest comfortably on tables or other flat surfaces.

why not have a look at some of the Tenby videos and Tenby photos, you may even spot yourself!Motion can fit you and all your friends in the video screen.So just about everyone can say hi and join in the fun.Hand axes found in Kents Cavern date to 450,000 years ago, and a maxilla fragment known as Kents Cavern 4 may be oldest example of a modern human in Europe.Roman Soldiers are known to have visited Torquay at some point during the period when Britain was a part of the Roman Empire, leaving offerings at a strange rock formation in Kent's Cavern, known as 'The Face'.

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