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Photograph courtesy of the Arizona Historical Society, Tucson, 1927.

When she was ransomed back, at age nineteen, she became a celebrity.

(This, it should be noted, is in addition to her research that proved women breathe from the diaphragm, just like men, and that it was the corset and a lack of exercise that was to blame for many women's health issues.)Her sexual survey work started in the 1890s and spanned 20 years, during which time she talked to 45 women at length about their sexual habits and preferences, from how often they had an orgasm to whether they experienced lust independent of their male partners (Spoiler alert: They totally did).

Unfortunately, the report was never published in Dr. It's only thanks to Carl Degler, an author, professor, and historian, that we know of it at all. Mosher's papers in Stanford University's archives in 1973 and published an analysis of her findings the following year. Mosher's research has played a major role in changing how historians think of Victorian attitudes around sex.

She added that she was fine with getting down at all hours, too: "during the menstrual the daylight." If anyone reading this just happens to be this woman's lucky descendent, we'd like to send her a posthumous high-five through you.The Victorian period refers to the reign of Queen Victoria 1837-1901.Some scholars suggest the Victorian period can include the period from 1832 (passing of Reform Act, which increased the size of the electorate) In some cases, I have included people who were active just before the Victorian period because they had an influence on that period.Many women in Victorian Britain supported their families with wage-paying jobs alongside their already heavy domestic burdens.Discover how the earning power of women contributed to their independence both privately and publicly.

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