Shutdown pc while updating

During the install step, I accidentally lost power to my laptop (the power cable came unplugged) and it shut down.Whenever I go to boot now, I can select my install via Grub and it loads up to where the sign-in should happen, but I get a display that looks like what you see as soon as you shut down.i am currently running windows 8.1 Pro and when i started the upgrade to windows 10, everytime it reaches the 30% part where it finishes the copying files part, and it restarts, my computer shuts down completely like *poof* When I put my computer back on, and it says attempting to recover installation, it shuts down AGAIN like *poof* Then when I restart it again, it just goes back to "restoring previous windows" and it restarts then my computer shuts off again like *poof* Then when i put it back on, it comes on normally, and says failed to install windows 10. Thank You Hey Josiah, sorry I can't help, but I signed up to say the same thing is happening to me.Computer shut off this morning during update and then repeatedly while trying to reboot - I don't know if it's going to be able to restore to a working version of 8.1.I know the question is marked as answered, but I note that part of this question hasn't been answered as of posting this comment.I'd also like to know how to switch to 12.04 in case of trouble. If the recovery mode is also broken, you could try booting off a live cd and then chroot'ing into your hard drive installation and performing the above steps.Well, the first thing you will need to do identify that you actually have a problem and that your machine is not actually doing as it says.

I was attempting to update my 11.10 install to 12.04beta.While these updates are being installed it recommends you don't shutdown the computer.But my boyfriend shut my laptop lid without knowing.What we usually advise is that if your computer has been stuck on a message similar to the one above and has not changed for around 30 minutes then it certainly has a problem that will need to be acted on.Once you are convinced you have a problem, you should power off your machine.

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