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There’s no guesswork involved: all our members are looking for a serious relationship rather than a casual fling, and most members fill out what they are looking for more specifically.

Unless you are purely interested in having sex with this person, don’t jump on them and start humping their leg the first opportunity you get. Of course little flirty teases don’t do any harm but remember the golden rule of successful gay dating…. Well we’ve gone out of our way to get the low down on how to make sure the first date doesn’t become the only date and compilied our top tips for gay dating. Meet in a place that is neutral, and relatively close to home, somewhere with atmosphere but also somewhere you’ll be able to hear each other speak. One which once opened cannot be closed, don’t allow yourself to bond with someone over negative experiences- it’s not a good start to what could be dazzling evening. In the same breath don’t play games- they don’t work. By sharing the conversation you are showing, not only that you can give a little and take a little, but that you are confident and we all know confident equals sexy! Just don’t go there- it’s like opening a can of worms. If you like the person let them know, similarly if you don’t like them don’t waste their time. You should pick around four of our featured websites in order to have higher chances of attracting the dream prospect from all of the possible contacts you may get.Most of the sites we have reviewed are amazing as standalone platforms, but if you combine them by being registered in more than one simultaneously, then you are obviously going to get more contacts, dates and action.

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