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While there, she gave an interview discussing her time on the series as well as her character's development.

This wasn't a mugging gone wrong, or a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Given their keen libidos, “J-Rod” seemed an inevitability, the merged moniker that both these celebrities have trained for all their love lives.

As first revealed by Page Six, the superstars have known each other socially for years.

She said: 'I heard a phone conversation between Laura and Ashtiaq, Laura telling him how much he loved him and he was just so nasty. He was saying just how much he hated her and that he'd got another girl, and he wasn't interested in her and she's shouting back "I love ya, I love ya…".

Mohammed Shafia, his wife Tooba honor killed their teenage daughters, including their eldest child, Zainab, 19, and Rona Amir Mohammed, a 50-year-old woman who was Shafia's secret, first wife. Jessica Mokdad: (below left) Islamic Honor Killing in Michigan May 4, 2011 Amina & Sarah Said. " At least there's a good chance of justice in the city of Warren.Let's not ignore those groomed brows and smoky eyes either! She’s kicked up her heels with backup dancers, a classy salsa crooner, two bad-boy rappers, assorted A-listers and — until she dragged them into her spotlight — a few nobodies.Wilson also gave an exclusive interview on the season five DVD release of The Tribe.In September 2006, Wilson appeared at Dragon Con 2006 with former Tribe co-stars Caleb Ross (Lex), Matt Robinson (Slade) and Tom Hern.

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