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well, before she debuted in kara, she was in a relationship with a male, and they went on a vacation to a hotel together.

this of course implies that they had sex, and no one wants to hear that a female had sex, so despite it being predebut, she’s still getting hate for that.

Their relationship was made public earlier this month by Dispatch, a Korean paper, but the couple and their agencies stayed muted to the “rumour” back then.

Coming from two hugely popular idol groups, this relationship surprisingly didn’t suffer much backslash.

", and Yoon Jong Shin said, "We'll take that question out." Hara then hesitantly answered, "I don't want to talk about dating." Yoon Jong Shin then joked, "That's way too broad. Yoon Jong Shin answered, "It's because if we take out the 'dating' category when we talk to girl groups, then we can't talk about a bulk of things."SEE ALSO: 2PM's Taecyeon discusses the topics of entering the Western market, joining the army, and more Kyuhyun then added, "She's the dating-dol." Hara glared at him and said, "What?

MC Kim Kuk Jin then said, "So everything is okay as long as we don't talk about dating? It's because when I talk about it, articles get written about it."MC Kim Gu Ra said, "Once articles keep coming out, people will stop caring so much. Hara got so emotional that she started tearing up, and Kyuhyun said, "I was just joking! Hara, however, started crying, and said, "I'm really angry." I mean aren't hosts supposed to be in tune or sensitive when their guests start getting uncomfortable?

I honestly feel that it was just a situation where kyuhyun's joking was slightly on fire and not really able to stop even when hara seemed to be getting mad, while hara was slightly over sensitive, maybe she didn't expect the extent of radio star's jokes to be that serious.

whatever it is I think it was all an innocent mistake on both parts and nothing too intentional or personal.

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on the other hand, I think Hara wept with rage and frustration, also happens to me, I cried for the same, so please be more understandable with what happened and do not believe malicious rumors. The reason she started crying wasn't because she was hurt. My sister in law, when she gets extremely angry she will literally cry tears of anger because that's just how stressed out and upset she is.Korean girl group KARA member Goo Hara is dating boy band BEAST’s Yong Jun-hyung.The couple’s respective agencies have released statements acknowledging the relationship on June 28, and asked for privacy for the young lovebirds who started dating just a couple of months ago.Lots of love 4 both* I've watched Hara on Running Man and Invincible Youth. And if she's angry enough to cry, your butt better not be standing there anymore or your butt is hers. I'm glad she stood up for herself too and didn't try to hide her emotions.Hara's agency Key East denied she's dating G-Dragon on February 3.

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