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I hung out with Casey today as he waited to get an i Phone. Continue reading I decided to do something for the BIGWIG Social Software showcase even though I wasn’t going to be at ALA.I know this because I was (in a small way) one of them.Just over two years ago Select introduced Caroline to Billy and Caroline called us today to say that they got engaged three weeks ago and that they were both absolutely delighted.Caroline said, “I just wanted to let you know because you brought us together and we are so happy and thank you very very much!

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“He was a Christ follower and he truly held onto his faith.

She was inconsolable afterward — until her fiancee, David Lyon, comforted her by holding her, walking with her and helping her move through the pain.

“If my daughter would have given me the task of ‘go find me a husband anywhere,’ that’s who I would have picked,” Rick Pounds said in a Jan. The two, both Air Force Academy graduates, did get married and both became Air Force captains.

Alarming as it may sound, I had to wait thirty-two years before dating my husband, Micah, who happened to be my first (and only) boyfriend. Back in the day, I’d definitely be labeled an old maid or maybe even an "old, old, doomed maid." Now I did go on a few "dates" before meeting Micah, but none were serious.

The seemingly endless rejection was frustrating and hurtful.

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