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Zap2it: Before “Unforgettable,” you had a long run on “Without a Trace.” Are you still in touch with your co-stars from that show?Poppy Montgomery: I’m still so close to that cast, I miss them every day." Call it "What to Expect When a TV Star's Expecting." The countless little side effects of pregnancy are taking their toll on Montgomery, 32, who's due this week."If it's not the chocolate cravings, it's the nonstop peeing and the constant weepiness," she says. " Still, the couple couldn't be happier about the bundle on the way, and not just because it's bringing them closer professionally.That was like getting a divorce for me when that show ended, like losing my family, because we were together all the time for seven years. Roselyn (Sanchez) got married, I had a baby, I watched Marianne Jean-Baptiste’s daughters grow up …one of them was a newborn when we started, and she was 7 when we were done.Poppy was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australian and grew up with four sisters and a brother.She was expelled as a child from six private schools and she dropped out studying at the age of 15 to pursue a career in acting.

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When asked what she would do if she ever met Rowling, Montgomery told Access Hollywood: 'I'd turn into a puddle of water!

Poppy Montgomery is an actress of Australian- American nationality probably known best for the portrayal of the role of Detective Carrie Wells in the CBS drama Unforgettable.

She has been working on the drama series since 2011 and her acting has been appreciated greatly by fans and critics.

She burst into tears upon hearing the national anthem while watching the World Series, she reveals — even though she's a native Australian. As Without a Trace viewers saw recently, it turns out the babydaddy of Montgomery's character, FBI agent Sam Spade, is her one-night stand from last season, Brian Donovan, played by Kaufman, 33. ' " Kaufman is set to stick around for at least three more episodes, partly to see if their fling can become a lasting thing.

"The writers called and said, 'What do you think if Adam gets you pregnant on the show? "We'll try to make a go of it but it could be tough for Samantha," Montgomery says. But I'm hoping pregnancy will soften Sam up a bit and help her make better choices romantically." Montgomery and Kaufman have to make some important choices themselves, starting with naming the baby.

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