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Amanda Blake was born Beverly Louise Neill in Buffalo, New York, the only child of Jesse and Louise (née Puckett) Neill.

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In addition to the building staff, Miss Kitty also employs a hawker who stands on the curb outside and advertises the Cat's Paw services in a highly colorful manner to all passers-by.

Amanda Blake (February 20, 1929 – August 16, 1989) was an American actress best known for the role of the red-haired saloon proprietress, "Miss Kitty Russell," on the western television series, Gunsmoke.

Along with her third husband, Frank Gilbert, she ran one of the first successful programs for breeding cheetahs in captivity.

Unfortunately for her, Ceaser thinks it’s cute when she’s angry and shorty is flattered.

She gets fake embarrassed when he calls out how adorable she is and Ceas seizes the opportunity to go in for a kiss.

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