Validating feelings dating someone in a wheelchair

Our emotions alert us when natural human need is not being met. Studies show that when a person's emotional connections are severed in the brain, he can not make even simple decisions. Because he doesn't know how he will feel about his choices.

For example, when we feel lonely, our need for connection with other people is unmet. When we feel rejected, it is our need for acceptance which is unmet. When we feel uncomfortable with a person's behavior, our emotions alert us.

This might sound obvious and you may understand this when it comes to how you treat your own friends and loved ones. Console the child inside by accepting the feelings you have about the abuse without judgment. “Validating yourself is like glue for fragmented parts of your identity,” writes Karyn Hall, Ph D.

“Validating yourself will help you accept and better understand yourself, which leads to a stronger identity and better skills at managing intense emotions.” You have a right to your feelings, you are the sole authority on your own experience, and you deserve comfort and safety.

The message is that it's OK to think or feel the way he or she does.

This will help us set our boundaries which are necessary to protect our physical and mental health. Our facial expressions, for example, can convey a wide range of emotions.The automated system told the 22-year-old engineering student the photo was invalid because his eyes were closed, even though they were clearly open, according to a copy of the notification posted on social media site Facebook.If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.Most of us truly want to validate our spouse when he or she is frustrated or hurting, but often we don't know how to offer validation or we start to give advice.I have usually found that if I validate Erin, she is able to work out her own emotional problems faster than if I give her advice.

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