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Public displays of affection are acts of physical intimacy in the view of others.

What is an acceptable display of affection varies with respect to culture and context.

Jessa fails to show up, and realises her pregnancy was a false alarm when she gets her period while hooking up with a stranger at a bar.

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I feel 100% comfortable during sex because we know each other so well. But, we are both so tired after work, it just mutually never happens.”Relationship length: a year and three months Sex frequency: twice per week“I love that we're really comfortable with each other and with initiating sex, but I wish we had sex more often and prioritized it over lounging around and working when we're home.”Relationship length: 10 years Sex frequency: twice per week“I love that we've spent 10 years basically learning to have the best sex either of us has ever had. We found a few workarounds and eventually landed on a once-a-week pattern.I guess we just spent so long not being able to have sex that now, fucking really feels like a privilege.We're so lucky to have found each other, and we're lucky that we get the chance to enjoy each other's bodies.”Relationship length: eight months Sex frequency: three to four times per week“I love that our sex life is passionate and has not become routine. It doesn't feel like we HAVE to try new things to keep it interesting, but more so like we are exploring. Accepting ourselves is the hardest part, because we both accept each other, and when our own inability to love ourselves enters the bedroom, it puts an immediate damper on things.Our libidos aren't static, and tons of factors, from medications to expectations, affect desire.The important thing to remember is there isn't one "correct" frequency for sex; we're all so different, and our relationships are all so different. We asked 30 people in relationships to give us the low-down on their sex lives.

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