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Riding a career peak, Voss entered July with a commanding lead in the National Steeplechase Association trainer standings (while bidding for his third consecutive championship).

He can.” Tom Voss was born for his job, and then again he wasn’t.

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(God only knows what he would prescribe in today’s high-speed, digital world.) His call to action worked, too.

extraordinary but controversial person who was fired by president Truman in 1953. I've proven to myself that I won't let the cold be an excuse for not continuing my ... touched my life is also one who has been the source of much pain and misery.

He then toured the country and was honored with a tickertape parade in New York City as well as other places. Long ago we were engaged to be married, we were attached at the hip.

As the child moves from adolescence to adulthood, the predominant symptoms of AD/HD tend to shift from external, visible ones to the internal symptoms.

There seems to be a decrease in observable symptoms of AD/HD with age.

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