Bo derek who is she dating

She tells the magazine: 'I was alone for five years.

Having a love is a gigantic bonus in life, but I wasn't unhappy when I was single, either.'Speaking of Corbett, who is four years her junior, Derek enthused: 'He's just fun, so much fun.

Bo Derek has broken her silence over her relationship with Sex And The City star John Corbett, describing their love as 'a gigantic bonus'.

The 10 actress, 51, was widowed in 1998 when her husband, film director John Derek died of heart disease.

Bo was just 16 when they began their affair in Greece, on the set of his film And Once Upon a Love.

A notorious womaniser, Derek was 30 years her senior and married to Linda Evans (his previous wives, Pati Behrs and Ursula Andress, were also actresses).

Just as he had done with young up-and-comers Ursula Andress and Linda Evans, Derek molded Collins into a highly desirable superstar."Evenstad" was the name of the small farm in Nes, Hedmark in Norway from where her paternal great-grandmother emigrated to the United States in 1884 with her young son (Evans's grandfather) and a couple of relatives.When Evans was six months old, the family moved from Hartford to North Hollywood.In 1976, the 48-year-old Derek married his 18-year-old protege, and Bo Derek was born., Derek had a short-lived role as the victim of a killer whale.She is developing a TV project with Mark Sennet Entertainment based on a series of crime novels set in Richmond and Washington D. by Warren Adler, author of War Of The Roses, according to Leesburg Today.

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