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Starting 1980 outta Huntington Beach, CA is The Vandals! They are survivors of the 1980’s hard core scene who managed to stay punk and not just give up, even after the exit of founding vocalist Stevo Jensen.Along with being a legendary band, they also appeared in the punk rock favorite cult film suburbia and were a staple at the legendary Cuckoo’s Nest during its existence.These "dates" were videotaped and including in the enhanced CD-ROM portion of the CD.Other bonus content in this portion of the album includes a photo gallery and unobscured lyrics. Recording Hollywood, CA spring of 2002 Mixed @ Q Division Boston, MA Mastered @ Oasis, Studio City, CA Dedicated to Chris Lagerborg 1969-2002 ("The Fourth Vandal") Enhanced section includes Photo Gallery, Lyrics, and The Vandals Dating Highlights. Internet Dating Superstuds is the ninth studio album by the southern California punk rock band The Vandals, released in 2002 by Kung Fu Records.1989 saw Slippery When Ill which was straight up cow punk from this band.This was mostly as a joke on the resurgence in popularity of country music. This was the start of Dave Quackenbush on vocals who was rather seemless as he sounded so much like Stevo. The band gained notable popularity due to a song off this and a character wearing their shirts in an episode of X Files.

" With these lyrics, all four members of the band singing them, and the crowd also, you can't help but smile. They put many "sing-along" or back up parts throughout their songs, so the crowd are influenced to join in.They do have great guitar and bass parts, such as "An Idea For A Movie", and a number of solos, which easily pits Warren over someone like Tom Delonge.Most of the songs were written by Warren, some by Joe, and one or two by Josh and Dave.These releases saw The Vandals as a strange mix of hard core and cow punk.It was different from the rest of the musical landscape of the time.

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