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Scathing criticism of the Republicans, and sometimes Democrats in signature bartcop "rants" were a main draw of the site.

Although a serious political commentator (i.e., his site is not satire), bartcop sometimes described himself as primarily a comedian.

So now, that after he said he wanted to go back home in Utah and that he was tired of sleeping on his sofa in his office in Washington D. and since his kids are gone and there is just him and his wife, he would like to spend time at home..guess that didn't work, so now he is going to be a commentator for Fox News Network, probably in New York..from home in Utah, and away from his wife here in Utah....yep, just a media whore is what he is and always has been...

There is another one in Utah that is almost right there with him and that is Mike Lee..peas in a pod..Hatch decided he was going to run for another term, all things got messed up with some of these people who think only of themselves and not for the good of the American People...

However, something happens that changes her safe routine.

Paul is young, just demobbed from national service in the French Army, and dishillusioned with civilian life.

Pero debajo de su delantal, su coño está goteando húmedo en la idea de rebotar fuera de su concha y dejar suelta, dejando a su vecino de al lado de la mierda en el culo!

Lo que el marido de Allie no sabe acerca de ella es que hay un completo otro lado de esta puta!

But underneath her apron, her pussy is dripping wet at the idea of busting out of her shell and letting loose—by letting her next door neighbor fuck her in the ass!

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Coppage September 12, 1953 - March 5, 2014) was a liberal blogger from Tulsa, Oklahoma, active on the web since 1996 who produced his own internet radio show beginning in 2004.

If such is the case he did do the honorable act and resigned. Scumbags like Hatch deserve to be tarred and feathered and sent packing, not another term!

I think when Hatch heard that Egg Mc Muffin, you know him, he’s the one that pals around with Mc Cain in Syria with ISIS, is a RAT Romney butt kisser; he decided Utah didn’t deserve that bad of a person so he decided he would run again...

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