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Virtual Currency: One of our unique features is our virtual currency and gift system.

Text with the ones you like and block the ones you don't. One of the newest entries in an increasingly crowded field, the very plain text editor marries minimalism with meticulousness, carving out a very nice concept built around a a clean, smart workspace.

Hollinghurst continued his studies at Oxford, writing his master’s dissertation on ‘The Creative Uses of Homosexuality in the Novels of E. Only 300 copies were printed; the pamphlet has become ‘intensely rare’ in the intervening period, but I located a copy in the Bodleian at Oxford.The phrase may be derived from a contraction of “copulate.” Of course, it doesn’t mean “copulate,” so perhaps not. George Michael is possibly the most famous cottager in recent times. K., Durex is a large (possibly the largest, I’m not sure) manufacturer of condoms, and the brand name once slipped into the language (no pun intended). with “Trojan.” As an aside, Durex, to an Australian, is sticky-tape (a.k.a. I don’t know if they use it as a contraceptive, and I don’t wish to think about it any further. Seen in contexts like, I really fancy that chap from the coffee shop or: Hey, Stu, I think that bird over there fancies you!A peculiarly male trait, the term likely derives from the fact that public toilets used to look like nice little cottages. The term is actually becoming less common these days. Also has several other meanings which are universal.Should they be confronted with such ‘vermin,’ Howard suggested violence to his ‘boys.’ ‘Never trust yourself in bed with a boy or a man,’ he wrote in his . [and s]ometimes it is necessary to smash a boy who makes evil suggestions to you. Smash him good and hard.’ Howard’s fearsome dithyramb provided the young Hollinghurst with language to begin his own .‘Sleep on the floor, anywhere; go without sleeping . Of course, with or without the reference to Howard in mind, the pamphlet’s title is suggestively erotic.

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