Dating old milk bottle

Before the advent of the paper carton and the plastic milk jug, dairies would send milk men out to individual houses with glass bottles of milk.

The shape of the glass bottle, as well as its color, labeling style, and other factors can help you determine whether you have an authentic find and get a sense of your bottle's age.

Also, the bottles should be sanitized prior to use.

' Often beginners have a difficult time distinguishing between old and new bottles especially when is comes to modern reproductions.

Take a look at your piece and see which category seems to fit it best: Your bottle will may have a label or some other identifying mark.

These labels prevented competitors from reusing the bottles of another manufacturer and ensured the bottles made it back to the correct dairy for refilling.

Old Fashioned Heavy Duty Washable, Refillable Glass Milk Style Bottles.

We saw this in an eco friendly hotel in Sonoma being used for Water in the room and fell in love with the idea. These Milk bottles and caps do NOT provide an airtight seal.

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