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She and her husband single-handedly launched the independent film movement in America, inspiring generations of filmmakers.

Rowlands has regularly been hailed as one of the greatest actresses to ever practice the craft.

To prepare for his role as Noah, Ryan Gosling spent two months living in Charleston, S. building furniture and rowing the Ashley River every morning.

He even built the kitchen table featured in the movie.1.

I was so thrilled that I turned around to John—but he wasn’t there. Gena Rowlands was nominated for two Academy Awards for performances she gave in her husband's films ("A Woman Under the Influence," "Gloria").

She was also nominated for eight Golden Globes (winning two), and eight Emmys (winning three).

Gena Rowlands will be honored tonight by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, which will present her with a Lifetime Achievement Award at its awards dinner at the Inter Continental Hotel in Los Angeles.

The actress, now 84, made 10 films with her late husband, actor-director John Cassavetes — including two films for which she received best actress Oscar nominations, Oh, I saw every Bette Davis picture I could lay my hands on, 20 times.

Gena Rowlands and John Cassavetes were in attendance and years later Rowlands described what happened when the film ended: “To hear 1,800 people clapping their hands in unison is glorious. My moment entirely.” The anecdote speaks volumes about Cassavetes' attitude towards the actors who appeared in his films.Love is the primal, consumptive force that’s driven them both to such volatility, as it does to everyone who crosses the screen in this rough-hewn drama masquerading as an offbeat boy-meets-girl story.Minnie moans to her museum colleague early on that Hollywood movies have sold her a false bill of goods with their swells of violins, soft focuses, and tidily resolved endings.Rowlands' work has a way of creating anxiety in viewers.The boundary line between character and actress is obliterated; or, it was never there in the first place. Spreading the word."The High Cost of Loving" (1958), directed by Jose Ferrer.

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