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Plans may emphasize alternative fuels, vehicle maintenance, and transportation choices to reduce vehicle miles traveled. Clean Cities provides information about financial opportunities, coordinates technical assistance projects, updates and maintains databases and websites, and publishes fact sheets, newsletters, and related technical and informational materials. Department of Energy Phone: (202) 586-5000Fax: (202) 586-4403 goal of the VALE Program is to reduce ground level emissions at commercial service airports located in designated ozone and carbon monoxide air quality nonattainment and maintenance areas. Environmental Protection Agency's National Clean Diesel Campaign, which offers funding for clean diesel construction equipment projects. General Services Administration (GSA) must allocate the incremental cost of purchasing alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) across the entire fleet of vehicles distributed by GSA. Under Standard Compliance, the AFVs that covered fleets acquire help them achieve compliance, with each AFV acquired earning the fleet one AFV-acquisition credit.Eligible applicants may receive federal funding for up to 60% of project costs to implement their plans. For more information, see the Clean Cities website. The VALE Program provides funding through the Airport Improvement Program and the Passenger Facility Charges program for the purchase of low emission vehicles, development of fueling and recharging stations, implementing gate electrification, and other airport air quality improvements. Code 47139)The CMAQ Program provides funding to state departments of transportation (DOTs), local governments, and transit agencies for projects and programs that help meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act by reducing mobile source emissions and regional congestion on transportation networks. Code 151)Clean Construction USA is a voluntary program that promotes the reduction of diesel exhaust emissions from construction equipment and vehicles by encouraging proper operations and maintenance, use of emissions-reducing technologies, and use of cleaner fuels. For more information, see the Clean Construction USA website. This mandate also applies to other federal agencies that procure vehicles for federal fleets. Covered fleets may earn additional credits for AFVs earned in excess of their requirements, and these credits may be banked for future use toward compliance or traded with other fleets.These fuels are also available in some retail markets as non-blended biofuels E98 or B100.The development and availability of other alternative fuels, such as isobutanol, are growing rapidly.But the administration is balancing a robust agenda to fight climate change with an alternative fuels program hobbled by setbacks and the messy politics of ethanol."This policy is flawed and broken," said Bob Greco, an executive at the American Petroleum Institute, an industry lobbying group."The advanced fuels that Congress intended to be made under it just don't exist yet."The alternative fuels mandate, which requires that escalating amounts of ethanol and other biofuels be blended into the nation's gasoline supply, was meant to spur the creation of environmentally friendly forms of the additives. Jerry Brown is one of several prominent politicians from Western states who have personally appealed to the Obama administration to stop the EPA's biofuel rollback plan.

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But there are better ways to foster energy independence and reduce greenhouse gas emissions than using subsidies and mandates to promote politically favored fuels. Bill Clinton ramped up those initiatives, launching the Clean Cities program to promote alternative fuels. Bush gave particular support to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and worked with Congress to create the Renewable Fuel Standard, which mandates a large increase in biofuel use that has now reached 16 billion gallons a year, mainly ethanol.

Yielding to pressure from oil companies, car manufacturers and even driving enthusiasts, the Obama administration is threatening to put the brakes on one of the federal government's most ambitious efforts to ease the nation's addiction to fossil fuels.

The proposed rollback of the 7-year-old green energy mandate known as the renewable fuel standard is alarming investors in the innovation economy and putting the administration at odds with longtime allies on the left. Jerry Brown is among several prominent politicians in the West who have personally appealed to the administration to drop the rollback plan championed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) asked the president to stop the EPA from proceeding, warning in a letter last month that the plan destabilizes state efforts to combat climate change and creates "loopholes for oil companies" to avoid reducing pollution.

Each alternative fuel or alternative fuel blend has unique chemical characteristics that may be different from those of purely petroleum derived gasoline or diesel fuel.

Those chemical characteristics may affect how the fuel interacts with UST system materials.

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