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"Summertime" is taped, and possibly "Fever" and "September Song." None of the recordings is known to have survived.

The "Beatles Farewell Show" takes place at the Aintree Institute, Liverpool.

Unsere Mitglieder könnten deine Lehrerin oder dein Lehrer sein, eine Studentin oder ein Student, deine Bibliothekarin oder sogar ein Nachbar aus deiner Stadt.

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Ritchie Starkey is hired as the drummer for "Al Caldwell and his Raving Texans" after being spotted on the "6.5 Special" talent show.

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The Beatles or "The White album" as it became better known was released on 22nd November, 1968 on the fifth anniversary of their second album, With The Beatles.

The video also confirms that the Beatles have restored both “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Penny Lane,” two standalone singles recorded during the same sessions.

George Martin, the Beatles’ longtime producer, was once quoted as saying that releasing those two tracks four months before the arrival of , rather than including them in the original running order, was “a truly terrible mistake.” George’s son Giles Martin helped oversee this much-anticipated reissue.

On Sunday 4th June 1967, guitarist Jimi Hendrix paid the ultimate compliment to The Beatles by performing the title track from their ‘Sgt.

Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ album live just three days after its release.

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