Optimize the boot image updating process what is radioisotope dating

Select Full set of source file to import raw file from an ISO.Custom image file allow you to import WIM file from operating system you have already configured and prepared to be deployed.I would like to show as well few troubleshooting steps during the initial setup.I think it could be valuable for SCCM&MDT beginners. There is something, and for MDT fanbois (if there are any) it looks familiar.Very good feature but you can't troubleshoot the errors if you don't have the logs to understand what is going wrong in the Deployment of Windows OS or any application.

It is the easiest (and cheapest) way to deploy any modern Microsoft OS including Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2.Log Files is very important if you want to troubleshoot errors or monitoring.Event Logs has a good Interface to Read and Understand Warning and Errors but log files in txt is unreadable.For example based on variables we can build accountant/developer specific workstation, with custom disk configuration, application sets, and much much more.This time we will create a simple MDT Task Sequence to get familiar with MDT components.

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