Palm pre not updating apps

Palm has updated the Pre's web OS platform to the new 1.2.0 firmware, bringing with it a few crucial changes ahead of the UK launch.The main talking point is users are now able to enter credit card information to their online profile for paid-for applications from the Palm application portal.

With the release of the web OS 2.1.0 doctor by HP for O2 and Vodafone Pre devices, there is now a legal way to get web OS 2.1 onto the legacy devices of carriers that are not onboard with the 2.x upgrade. You should always be prepared for the unlikely possibility that your device may be completely wiped and your Palm profile may be permanently destroyed.So the picture isn’t as bleak as comparisons with the i Phone might suggest.Now that our Homebrew App Gallery is live, we've been flooded with requests about how to get them installed.It's easier than you might think, but we still have to mention that this stuff is still in Beta and so it might not be for everybody. These instructions will apply to using a Windows (PC) machine, this will also work on a Mac since the program you need will be using is a Java program (check the web OS Quick Install Thread for more info, Mac users).You will only need the computer for the first step; from there you will be using the Pre to get your applications onto the device.

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