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Out goes the most powerful woman in corporate America, with a m golden parachute to help her to a nice soft landing.

You had plenty to say about it, none of it terribly complementary.

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I didn’t realize this had happened until I suddenly got 100 undeliverables back about 30 seconds after pressing the button. Consequently, the reported number of active users on Google grew significantly, but the average time those users spent on the site was a small fraction of that on comparable social media services.In 2011 Google reached 10 million users just two weeks after the launch.Shelfari is a social networking app built around books. I let you into my Gmail address book to find people I know that might also be using Shelfari. You connect to other people based on the books you’re both reading. I got presented with two lists: friends already on Shelfari (six people), and friends not on Shelfari (about 900 people) [note: this is everyone I’ve sent an email to over the last 18 months or so]. You know, a screen that maybe says, “I’m just about to send 900 friggin’ emails to a bunch of people you might not know too well. ” Now, please excuse me while I go manage the undeliverables, out-of-office replies, and general “what the hell did you send me” emails from close to a thousand people. got one of those emails as well…” Never before have I prayed for spam filters to intercept my email.

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