The hollow line in dating chinese porcelains

A nineteenth century Guy's Hospital patient's drinking mug.

The mug has a rust red colour Guy's crest just below the rim on the outer face opposite the handle.

Donated By: Guy's Hospital (197) Mid to late 19th century Large Water White Glass Shop Round. 1900 Flint Glass Medicine Bottle with Cork Closure. The chemist that owned this bottle was very old and his daughter found the jars in the hallway and thought it best that he should stop using the more dangerous materials (in ribbed bottles). The bottle has prominent seams on each of its sides at the right which continue onto the lower part of the neck and smooth out.

The seal is stamped with capital letters 'GUY' and below this 'S' (Guy's Hospital seal). earlier) A small ribbed green glass bottle with a square grip closure and a spring around its neck holding a small tin bell. The bell is on an expanding wire spring bottle necklace and warns a chemist of dangerous contents. It has a cork closure, and is marked "Owbridge's, Hull".Please try again later as the restrictions may be lifted, or contact your service provider if the issue persists.Seller's Description small scuff on front wrapper (cover) & previous owner's ink stamp on inside front cover otherwise a clean, unmarked, complete very good paperback in decorative wrappers (soft cover book). The crest consists of a shield with a dark upward chevron stripe containing three Fleur de Lis, one centred.There is a crowned (e.g king's) head within each of the three partitions created by the stripe.

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