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Here are five intriguing examples of Boston’s singles bar scene for just about anyone, whether you’re seeking a special someone or simply just looking for a great night out on the town.

1 Fanueil Hall Marketplace Boston, MA (617) 248-9900 spacious accommodations for just about any nightlife interest, Ned Devine’s is a triple threat establishment that prides itself on a diverse atmosphere for the young, twenty-something singles crowd.

This place also hosts live entertainment from Improv Asylum, who deliver a special “All the Single Ladies” comedy revue every Saturday night. Boston, MA (617) 247-0400 upscale dining and drinks establishment is a perfect place to visit for the distinguished, thirty-something single seeking some razzle-dazzle with their after-sunset shenanigans.

Towne’s classy exterior is equally reflected within the decor and fantastic kitchen creations, while the restaurant’s usual clientele also arrives with a dressed-to-kill reputation, to boot.

That’s because owner Michael Dulock and his staff are…

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In fact, it’s one of the largest antiquarian book shops in the country, and they stock it all: used hardbacks and paperbacks, out-of-print items, first editions, leather-bound volumes, and other collectibles for bookworms.

Although pork is the number one meat consumed in the world, U. consumption dropped during the 1970s, largely because pork's high fat content caused health-conscious Americans to choose leaner meats. In the 19th century — as America urbanized and people began living away from the farm, "salt pork" — pork that is prepared with a high level of salt to preserve it — became the staple food.

Today's hogs have much less fat due to improved genetics, breeding and feeding. Pork has continued to be an important part of our diet since that time.

Operating in triplicate as an Irish pub, lounge and live music hall, this Quincy Market hotspot is a perfect date night destination for tourists and townies alike.

The venue provides plenty of speaking and breathing room for close conversation in between sips of beer or bites of Ned Devine’s American and Irish cuisine.

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