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We’re at his house, where I’ve interviewed him more than a few times before, but tonight’s a little different.On this occasion he produces a small rectangular box.

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At Vampire Scene you will find a huge number of members already chatting about their dark romantic fantasies, best capes, how to maintain your fangs, what’s the true vampire looks – and not to mention vampire lore!

Real vampires are not undead, nor immortal, nor can they be weakened by garlic or vanquished by silver.

In fact, they’re biologically typical in almost all ways, except in how they get part of their nourishment: from human and animal blood (vampires of this type call themselves “sanguinarians”), or by draining psychic energy (“psychic vampires” or “psi-vamps”), or both (hybrids).

It can be found in the ‘Other Sites’ section of the SITES page.

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