Most intimidating sports uniforms

When it comes to uniforms, there are two truths in college football: 1) Oregon will find a new glow-in-the-dark combo in hopes of literally blinding the opponent, and Maryland will make sure you never forget the state flag.

You have to give the Terps credit in their Week 1 win over Richmond — they had that flag covered from every direction on their helmets (so much so, it took three photos to show everything).

Even the team's face masks were affected, changing from blue to black.

The team upped the ebony ante in 2005, adding a black alternate jersey that was accessorized with black socks.

When you think of the intimidating teams of the SEC, Vanderbilt isn’t exactly the first team that comes to mind. Oregon State’s helmets featured a twist on the school’s normal Beavers logo for Friday’s season opener vs. The Hawks’ uniforms are all new – and all bad – for 2015-16.Among the sartorial atrocities are a bizarre triangle pattern on the jerseys that doesn’t carry through to the shorts and a departure from the team’s traditional yellow accent color for a putrid mix of yellow and neon green.But other schools are getting into the act, like Arizona State and this two-sided helmet which, no matter which way you look, does its best to blind you like the sun. In fact, the only thing ugly about the Ducks' season opener was this scene, when quarterback Vernon Adams Jr.But they are far from alone, so click on through and enjoy. (3) was knocked out of the game following a hit by Eastern Washington linebacker John Kreifels — a hit which earned Kreifels an ejection.

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