Voaprop not updating

Some hams were very thankful for my Qrs so they could cope and learn better CW, others just appreciate my Qrq, so all in all everybody is happy so do I.

I need your support to keep our CW portions of the band totally clear of uncontrolled aggressions from the "splitters" who are voluntarily creating disturbances to others by addressing others to frequencies already occupied.

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At other occasions, the amateur notes that the band is suddenly dead without apparent reason and open again after a few hours of true blackout.

I also took some time to make some other station improvements, and am still in the process of changing things around a bit.

The radio stack is 90 degrees from the operating station, everything is still at my fingertips.

Only caveat was that I used the hybrid car to charge one of the two batteries I had bought with me after I had depleted it: I had to go off the air since the hybrid motor puts out tremendous levels of static and it was impossible to hear anyone until I was able to shut the car off.

I found a great hamfest deal on some old used 1280 x 1024 monitors and put some obsolescent PCI graphics cards in my computer to bring the monitor count up to six.

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