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I leave things behind and just let the bridges burn. She found out that she was dead, but got her name, and discovered that she was an amazing surgeon that worked at the Seattle Grace Hospital, now Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Maggie's current workplace.

Richard Webber that she was adopted, and that 2 years prior, she looked for her birth mom and needed to go to the court for the records.

“A friend of Derek’s had told me,” Stormie writes, “that whenever Farrah would call Derek and Derek was in his car with his friends, that he would have to stop the car, turn the radio off, shut the air conditioner off, roll all of the windows up, tell his friends to stop talking, so that Farrah could hear him without any distractions.

His friend told me that happened a lot.” Stormie also talks about the MTV film crews following Farrah around at school and the rumors that she was pregnant. Your son was involved in a motor vehicle accident with two of his friends.

fans probably remember the dramatic episodes in which Farrah Abraham had to go to court to prevent Stormie Clark, mother of Sophia’s deceased father Derek Underwood, from gaining visitation rights to see her granddaughter.

On the show, we were only given Farrah’s side of the story, and that side of the story portrayed Stormie as obsessed and threatening.

Malia Tate first appeared in Season 3 of MTV's Teen Wolf.

She is the long-lost daughter of Peter Hale and a Werecoyote.

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Derek initially served as a mentor to Scott Mc Call, but the relationship soured after Derek became an Alpha and began making choices Scott found immoral.She used him to gather information on his family making him an unwitting accomplice to the arson fire at Hale House that killed most of his family.After his Uncle Peter killed the conspirators involved in the fire, Derek killed him and took the status of Alpha Werewolf.Now, Stormie has written a lengthy letter to her granddaughter Sophia included in the new book .In the letter, Stormie shares Derek’s life story, starting when he was a young boy living on a farm outside of St. She talks at length about the time in which Derek and Farrah were dating, including the time when Derek first brought her home to meet his mom.

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