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The figures do not include over 100 arrests for IIOC offences made in the UK-wide Operation Tharlsey last week.

CEOP now receives an average 1,300 reports a month, an unprecedented 263% increase in reports over the past two years.

They have a type of person in mind, someone vulnerable and easy to exploit. They know that certain websites will offer more opportunities than others.

Social media sites, like online dating, are excellent places to find lonely individuals who are looking to meet people.

This is a sad reality, and it's one that can endanger the wellbeing of many online daters, if they don't pay careful attention to the Mr. Right who contacts them via their profile at major dating websites.

Stalking is a hunting term and a stalker is a type of hunter. Stalkers don’t just go online and start targeting the first person they meet.Many people who use online dating websites have noticed that individuals who adhere to these methods of communication, and other bad online dating habits, will frequently disappear from the website entirely.A few days later, they'll reappear -- but with a totally different username than they had previously.CEOP’s report ‘A Picture of Abuse’, released on 14th June, highlighted the clear link between viewing child abuse images and contact sexual offending.Peter Davies, Chief Executive of CEOP, said: “The safeguarding of so many children this year speaks for itself and is a tremendous achievement.

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