It is also distinguished by its beautiful 10-column marble pulpit. Philopater Mercurius who was known as Abu Sayfayn (the saint with the two swords), the church is the largest in the ancient Babylon district.

It is distinguished by one of the most beautiful pulpits in Cairo, it is intricately decorated with mosaic and supported by 15 marble columns.

Its primary goal is to create an open access digital repository or “genizah” of physically dispersed primary sources that document the development of Jewish life in the western hemisphere from the 16th-19th centuries.

Historically, the term commonly refers to an informal storage area where fragile Jewish documents, considered religiously significant, but ritually unfit, are put away until they are brought to a cemetery for a dignified burial.

As Cairo, the "city of a thousand minarets", is famous for its Islamic heritage, its long and rich history of Christianity is often overlooked.

Although not as famous as its Islamic counterpart, Coptic Cairo is the oldest area in Old Cairo, dating back to the period before the Muslim conquest of Egypt established the city as we know it today.

The pallor of her face, the half-shut eyes and the gaping mouth strongly express all the grief and despair of the woman “who (Matthew 14,11) asked for the death of a just man” (Villa).

In quest'opera del pittore milanese Francesco Cairo e dalle dimensioni relativamente modeste, si evidenzia pienamente tutta l'influenza del Caravaggio, sia nell'uso della luce che esalta l'effetto del colore, sia nella drammaticità del soggetto: in questo caso Erodiade, madre di Salomè e moglie di Erode Filippo che sfiora quasi la testa di S.

The tomb was discovered in Abu Sir, an Old Kingdom necropolis southwest of Cairo where there are several pyramids dedicated to pharaohs of the Fifth Dynasty, including Neferefre.

Archaeologists also found around 30 utensils, 24 made of limestone and four of copper, the statement added.

The Jesselson-Kaplan American Genizah Project is an international initiative to integrate digital technologies into the way we study early American Jewry.

The church's walls are beautifully embellished with spectacular icons depicting various scenes from the life of Christ and the Virgin Mary.

The Basilican church, which is dedicated to Saint Barbara, houses a very rare collection of icons including an ancient icon showing Barbara and the tower where she was locked in by her father.

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