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They then call Olga, who asked a friend to move with her to a new state and now her friend wants to bring her new boyfriend with them, and Haley, who is growing nervous about her boyfriend becoming more defensive.

Born November 29, 1976 in Baltimore, Maryland, actress Anna Faris and her family moved to Edmonds, Washington, when she was six.

"He's strict, but he's also incredibly fun, incredibly loving," Anna reveals.

"It's so amazing to see that moment that Chris comes home from work and Jack is like, 'Daddy!

Anna was born November 29, 1976 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Her first movie was 1996 Eden, where she played Dithy.

Anna Faris may be one of the funniest ladies in Hollywood, but she can't keep herself from getting mushy-gushy when it comes to the two things she loves most in her life: Chris Pratt and their son, Jack.

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And if you're pining for those shoes, too, you can find them on our carousel. 'And he had to do basically everything because I suffer from paranoia mixed with delusions.

So I thought that if I were in a harness I would never be able to bear children. He did all of it.''It was tough to figure out because you’re trying to create the illusion of zero gravity like we’re in space floating around.

And you’re hanging essentially from a pair of weird underwear with hooks on it,' he said.'I didn’t realise I did that, it must be like a tic,' Jennifer said.

Her most notable films include mostly comedies, such as Scary Movie, The House Bunny and The Dictator.

In 2012, Faris won Cinema Con Comedy Star of the Year Award.

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